IPTC Insights

IPTC Insights: Fireside Chat

In this exclusive IPTC Insights hosted by Hisham Zubari, IPTC 2022 Executive Committee Member, we sit down with Sherif Foda, Chairman & CEO of NESR to hear his insights and thoughts on the challenges and opportunities for achieving profitability in a sustainable manner. With IPTC 2022 set to take place in Riyadh next month, Mr. Foda shares what excites him most about this year’s event.

IPTC Insights: Sponsoring Societies Top Papers

The IPTC is a collaborative effort among the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE), the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), to provide upstream professionals an unparalleled multi-disciplinary technical event. 

This series of IPTC Insights will feature the top papers from the annual events of the conference’s sponsoring societies.


Equation of State Modeling for Confined Fluids in Unconventional Reservoirs by
Gang Yang, EOR Report Analyst, C&C Reservoirs

Leaf Extracts as Natural, Green, Non-Toxic Corrosion Inhibitors by 

Tariq Almubarak, Petroleum Engineer, Saudi Aramco EXPEC ARC


The Use of Imaging Techniques to Understand CO2-Water-Rock Interaction in Depleted Carbonate Field, Offshore Sarawak Malaysia by
Wen Pin Yong, Researcher, PETRONAS Research Sdn Bhd


Quantification Method of Environmental Impact of Geophysical Field Operations by
Zsuzsanna Plank, Head of Deparment, John Wesley Theological College


Seismic interpretation for unconventional resources in the Permian Basin, West Texas, USA by 
Andreas Laake, Advisor, Schlumberger

Two-step velocity inversion using trans-dimensional tomography and elastic FWI by
Reetam Biswas, Geophysicist, BP


It's Not the End of Petroleum Engineering by
Nathan Meehan, President, CMG Petroleum Consulting

An Innovative Artificial Intelligence Framework For Reducing Carbon Footprint In Reservoir Management by
Klemens Katterbauer, Petroleum Scientist, Saudi Aramco PE&D

Sponsoring Societies

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